About the company

Bygr is a startup company building collaboration software for the construction industry

How does it feel to buy a new home?

Buying a new home 'off-plan' requires buyers to make lots of decisions and coordinate with multiple stakeholders; for home buyers that are not construction professionals, this process can be stressful and overwhelming

A couple buys a home based on a floor plan

They raise a glass to celebrate their future home

But they suddenly realise that they need to make some decisions...

After a phone call they manage to make their decision

A bit annoyed, they think "well, at least that's over". Or...

...not quite yet. They realise they also need to choose tiles for the bathroom

Rise and shine! They take time off from work, pick up the car and drive to the tiles shop

After a couple of hours, they manage to make a decision. Exhausted, they think they are finished...

Not quite yet...                         

They now realise that they payed a lot of money to become a project manager....

The team

We a growing team of four makers and doers striving to make the complex, effortlessly simple
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