Key features

Bygr helps you maintain control and oversight across all your projects. Bygr makes it quick and easy for your team to collaborate - in real-time - with key stakeholders.


Let the buyers upgrade the home from the comfort of their (current home).

  • Choices done easily with digital signature
  • Filter the options by room, discipline and deadline
  • Generate orders
  • Manage options for unsold units
  • Control options before they're published to buyers

Change requests

Manage change requests by collecting and sending quotes from subcontractors.

  • Receive requests digitally
  • Receive quotes from sub contractors
  • Send offers for digital signature
  • Automated emails to everyone updated


Upload agreements, floor plans, IFC files and any other documents to Bygr for easy access and document version control.

  • Upload and publish documents
  • Document external agreements (upload and register?)
  • Version control for all documents

Product catalogue

Create and manage your own reusable product catalogue.

  • Reuse products across multiple projects
  • Upload product sheet for later documentation
  • Offer products easily from your catalog

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